Source code for herepy.rme_api

#!/usr/bin/env python

from __future__ import division

import sys
import json
import requests

from herepy.here_api import HEREApi
from herepy.utils import Utils
from herepy.error import HEREError
from herepy.models import RmeResponse

[docs]class RmeApi(HEREApi): """A python interface into the RME API""" def __init__(self, app_id=None, app_code=None, timeout=None): """Returns a RmeApi instance. Args: app_id (str): App Id taken from HERE Developer Portal. app_code (str): App Code taken from HERE Developer Portal. timeout (int): Timeout limit for requests. """ super(RmeApi, self).__init__(app_id, app_code, timeout) self._base_url = '' def __get(self, data): url = Utils.build_url(self._base_url, extra_params=data) response = requests.get(url, timeout=self._timeout) try: json_data = json.loads(response.content.decode('utf8')) if json_data.get('TracePoints') != None: return RmeResponse.new_from_jsondict(json_data) else: return HEREError(json_data.get('Details', 'Error occured on function ' + sys._getframe(1).f_code.co_name)) except ValueError as err: return HEREError('Error occured on function ' + sys._getframe(1).f_code.co_name + ' ' + str(err))
[docs] def match_route(self, gpx_file_content, route_mode='car', pde_layers=[]): """Retrieves misc information about the route given in gpx file Args: gpxfile content (str): gpx file content as string routemode (str): route mode ('car') pde_layers (str list): PDE layers to retrieve e.g.: ROAD_GEOM_FCn(TUNNEL) SPEED_LIMITS_FCn(FROM_REF_SPEED_LIMIT,TO_REF_SPEED_LIMIT) ADAS_ATTRIB_FCn(SLOPES) or e.g., ROAD_GEOM_FCn(*) SPEED_LIMITS_FCn(*) Returns: RmeResponse or HEREError instance""" data = {'file': Utils.get_zipped_base64(gpx_file_content), 'route_mode': route_mode, 'attributes': ','.join(pde_layers), 'app_id': self._app_id, 'app_code': self._app_code} return self.__get(data)